About us

Who We Are

All Zante is written by a group of locals in Greece. Our goal is to introduce to the world Zante ’s magnificence and beauty. We believe that Zante, Greece has a lot to offer. The simple way of living here reminds us that there’s more to life than sitting in a four-walled cubicle. Zante, Greece represents nature and friendliness of the people who will treat you like a family. All Zante will give you helpful resources and contents that you can use if you are planning to visit us.

If You Need Company During Your Visit, a Local Can Help

If you’re planning to visit and you don’t have much experience in exotic travels, a local can help you. Please contact us so that we can make the arrangements for you. The best part of hiring a local as your tour guide is, he can show you the real Zante, even the places not included on the brochures. He can find you the shops that offer rental cars coupon code & discounts, and nail the best deals for you, especially if you are on a budget.

We Wish You a Safe and a Joyous Travel

We hope that your journey to Zante would be an experience you’ll never forget. May you clear your mind and find your inner voice wherever you go. We are so excited to meet you.

We would like to end this page with our favourite quote: “Life is a voyage! Those who travel live twice.”