Be Ready to Eat Your Heart Out in Zante, Greece

Greece, in general, is known for historical places, rich literature, and of course, mouth-watering dishes that will make you hungry by just the thought of them. So, during your travel here, forget the diet and give in to the authentic dishes you cannot find elsewhere. This the ultimate cheat day experience.

Greek Meal Starters

We love to start our eating session with something light. Greek loves broad selections of sauces and dips made from eggplant, olive oil, onions, yoghurt, and wine. You might be familiar with our baked zucchini and french-fries the Greek style but we are sure that you haven’t truly tasted the authentic version of Melitzanosalata, Taramosalata, Dolmadakia, and Tyropitakia. They are our favourite starters to get us ready for the main course. Go also to this link because here are a few of what can i see in Amsterdam in one day.

Meaty Main Courses

Our main courses will never be complete without juicy meat and cheese. Our famous Moussaka, Kabobs, and Pastitsio are the ultimate favourites. These dishes are the perfect balance of sauciness, meatiness, and cheesiness we all crave for every day. If you are a vegetarian, don’t be sad. Our Skordostoumbi Melitzana is perfect for you. It is made of lots of garlic, eggplants, and tasty herbs. We also have a wide variety of salads to choose from for vegans like you. The meaty goodness you'll find in Zante is somehow equivalent if you go with Amsterdam sightseeing booking online. The meats are spiced with a number of herbs and sauces making every bite juicy and delicious.

Dessert is a Must

Greeks are not really sweet-toothed people. But as more restaurants create dessert recipes specially made to satisfy Greek taste, we cannot help but fall for them. There are 3 major favourites under this food category: Baklava, Fruit salads, and Bougatsa. All of these desserts have one common denominator; they are creamy and rich with flavours. It's good to put it on your blog. But do you have a website already? Do you think if should you buy website traffic? I think yes!

Greeks Love Snacks, Too

We love to eat. Snacks help us to satisfy our immediate cravings, especially during busy days. The famous yummy meaty wraps you see everywhere are originated in Greece. Here, we call them Gyros. It is made of slices of meat and vegetables, wrapped in tortilla bread, and topped with herby or spicy sauce. It’s the perfect snack ready to satisfy a hungry stomach.