Beaches in Zante, Greece You Should Not Miss Out

The pride of Ionian Sea, the home of exotic blue waters, and the epitome of a beautiful summer, Zante, Greece. Thousands of tourist around the world visit Zante, Greece every year to spend their best summer ever. Zante will not disappoint anyone who wants fresh, exotic travel experience. Behold what Zante has in store for you.

Vassilikos Village

Vassilikos is a peaceful village situated near breath-taking beaches. Enjoy the subtle white sand and soft blue waters of the beaches that surround the village. Here also lies the famous beach resort Porto Roma famous for its world-class amenities and services when choosing goedkope hotels in Amsterdam nabij treinstation.

Gerakas Beach the “Turtles’ Choice”

Gerakas beach is protected by the Zakynthos Marine Park so when you visit Gerakas, make sure that you respect nature and the species which resides in the area. Out of the many beaches in Zantes, turtles prefer to secure their eggs in the sands of Gerakas. So if you are a morning person, you can be a witness of an egg-hatching moment and contemplate while these little creatures embrace their ocean life. Have you heard of clay therapy? You can get it here. The headlands of Gerakas are made of clay which according to researchers, is good for the skin. Also, always check for zakelijk glasvezel internet vergelijken availability.

Spiantza Beach

If you want a beach that has more thing going on like parties, celebrations, and more, Spiantza beach is the perfect place for you. Spiantza beach is the perfect balance between fun and serenity. Make use the free premium link generator here.

Navagio Beach

The scary titles: Shipwreck Beach and Smuggler’s Cove, it was known for don’t match the ambience of this hidden paradize. Navago beach has this effect on you that will make you come back for more. When you visit this beach make sure to choose the internet abonnement vergelijken postcode, and take a good camera with you. However, no photos can capture the real feeling this beach gives.
Going here is more of going back to the past while looking ahead. It has this surreal feeling to it that will dig unexpected emotions from visitors.

Kefalonia Beach

This beach is for young people who love to party their heart out. The nightlife here is quite wild. The setting is perfect. A beach under a blanket of stars, the smooth breeze from the ocean, the soft sands, music full of beat, and a group people ready to rock the night.